About Us

Know what identifies us and inspires us

We identify ourselves with a style of management that we call Blend Marketing.

Blend Marketing is a mixture of different key variables that together make up businesses in the Communication Industry and in relation to the Advertising Market, both encompassed in a broader concept: Marketing.

It is not a Blend Marketing formula, but rather a Blend, a process, a way of doing by which our identity is defined. The creation of the situation, that scenario that can then be or not modeled is what inspires us, and not the image that that creation transmits on its own.

The true value for us is not then in what is shown, but in what is done. IWANA Blend Marketing is based on experience, or doing. And it is represented by a work team that creates Value.

We put our Blend into action every day. Because we are that Blend, because we are IWANA Blend Markering.

Ricardo Gabriel DaSilva
Founder & CEO
Marketing Analyst with extensive experience in Commercial Management in Media: Channel 9 (AR), TELEFE (AR) and Editorial Perfil.

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Martín Fuchinecco
Digital Manager
Online Marketing Expert with more than 10 years of experience in AdWords, SEO and Social Media.

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