We manage content and design strategies in the Media

We manage by project and by participation alternatives.

As we have a high degree of propensity to dedicate ourselves only to that in which we believe that we add true value, each content project is analyzed in a comprehensive, precise manner, so that it allows us to understand:

First, what part of the project is the one that corresponds to us to attend.

Secondly, how prepared and interested we are to sustain the necessary management over time, given that this type of projects require in general a specific time and greater than that of other projects to meet their strategic cycle.

We have worked throughout the professional life in various content releases, mainly television and graphics, and participated in launches of other types of content by various colleagues, partners and friends, which allowed us to dump experience in our company and with create, launch and manage individual projects for third parties.

In general, they are projects that require a lot of time and with a high degree of risk. That is why we constantly select and filter proposals that are presented to us and even our own ideas, through a rigorous weighting and analysis model.